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Best Bunny Books

Hippity hop Easter is on its way! Here are my favorite bunny-centered classics.

Peter Rabbit: While Peter Rabbit is my favorite, all of the Beatrix Potter tales are great. The illustrations in the complete tales are fantastic as well. So much to love!

Runaway Bunny: Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd are a dream team and if I had to choose I would pick Runaway Bunny over Goodnight Moon - strong words I know! Thankfully there is room in our library for both.

Velveteen Rabbit: I love this book so much I had the guests at my baby shower sign it. The skin horse's description of becoming real is one of my all-time favorite passages.

Pat the Bunny: Originally published in 1940, this has to be one of the oldest

touch-and-feel books still around today. I appreciate how it uses Judy and Paul to show the reader how to interact with the pages.

The Rabbit Listened: A new-comer compared to the others on this list but I have no doubt it will stand the test of time. In my opinion, this book provides the best example of how to be a good friend to someone going through a difficult time regardless of the person's age. I truly believe adults need this book's lesson as much as, if not more than, children.

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