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Eggxtra Eggxtra

Expand your egg activities beyond just dyeing them for some eggxtra Easter fun:

Raw egg vs. Hard-boiled egg: I stumbled into this "activity" when one of my kids dropped a hard-boiled egg on the ground. They were shocked that the inside didn't look like the eggs we scramble for breakfast. Spontaneous science lesson! I let each kid crack a raw egg and peel a hard-boiled egg, we talked about using heat to cook different foods, and the different ways to prepare eggs. So simple but occupied my crew for a while

Egg matching: Looking to repurpose all the plastic eggs littering your house after a month of egg hunts? Put a capital letter on the top half and a lower case letter on the bottom half and have your kids match them up. You can do something similar with numbers and a corresponding amount of dots (i.e. the number 1 on the top half and one dot on the bottom half)

Rubber egg: This is an exercise in delayed gratification but kids (and adults!) are always amazed by the final result. Place a raw egg in a jar with household vinegar. Bubbles will appear on the egg's surface as the acid in the vinegar breaks down the calcium in the egg shell. After a couple of days, remove the egg and rinse it off. The hard shell will be gone and you will be left with a "rubber" egg. If you are feeling brave, you can even try to bounce the egg but do it outside as it may burst.

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