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Mac-n-cheese is serious business at the Martin house and playground banter suggests we are in good company. Out of all of the varieties we have tried, there are three that are clearly preferred in our house:

  1. Full Moon

The family brisket meal costs under $40 and our family of five usually gets two meals out of it. It comes with two large sides and we always get mac-n-cheese as one of the two. The girls' favorite part is the mac-n-cheese but they enjoy the brisket too - yay for a little variety.

2. Newks

Does Newks make anything that's not fantastic? If they do, I haven't had it. No surprise that their mac-n-cheese is in our top three. I appreciate that it is a kid's entree item so we can still get fruit as a side. We also only have to order two kid's meals to fed all three girls so it's a reasonably priced dinner as well.

3. Chick-fil-a

Chick-fil-a reopening their indoor playgrounds and adding mac-n-cheese to their menu may be one of the greatest one-two punches ever.

Just go ahead and take all of my money. My only gripe is now I have to decide whether to get the waffle fries or the mac-n- cheese, a tough call for me, but a no-brainer for the little people in my life. Mac-n-cheese all day, every day!

Any gold-star Mac-n-cheese options out there that I don't know about? Send me your favorites! Maggie, Ellie, and Sarah thank you in advance.

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