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Pumpkin Shape Lesson

It's finally October, my favorite month of the year filled with as many pumpkin patches as possible. But what to do with all of those pumpkins?

One carving "masterpiece" a year is as much as I can handle which would leave about 10 pumpkins on our porch without a purpose. Last year, I figured out a way to put a couple to good use with a shape lesson.

I let Maggie and Ellie each "design" their own pumpkin by picking out a shape for the eyes, nose, and mouth. In typical twin fashion, they picked the same shapes! The basic shapes were quick to carve and cleaning out the insides was a bonus sensory activity.

They loved it so much we did it with the preschool classes as well by having the kids vote on which shape to use for each facial feature. A great way to throw in one-to-one correspondence (each person gets one vote), more than/less than, and the art of losing gracefully when your shape doesn't get the majority.

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