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Summer Bucket List

Bucket lists are having a moment and I understand why; who doesn't love a good checklist? Here is mine for this summer:

  • Go fishing

  • Go bowling

  • Grow something

  • Go to a movie

  • Watch a thunderstorm

  • Jump in puddles

  • Go to a museum

  • Watch the Parent Trap

  • Watch the Goonies

  • Shadow drawing

  • Hula hoop

  • Jump rope

  • Play croquet

  • Make homemade pizza

  • Go to a farmer's market

There are 60 activities or ~1 per day for June and July. The activities are written on strips of paper and placed in a jar. My girls will take turns pulling a strip from the jar each morning starting June 1st. Sometimes we will have to put a strip back and draw again if our schedule or the weather (i.e. watch a thunderstorm) doesn't cooperate but most of the activities are simple enough to happen any day!

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